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Airship City (engl.)

Airship City (engl.)
Game titleAirship City (engl.)
Item numberCOO201
Manufacturer CMONCMON (2019)
Customer RatingThere are currently no product reviews.
Important notes Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Risk of suffocation due to small parts.
Article StateNew and original packaging


Airship City is a new metropolis high above the
ground. By building massive airships, people have
created a new floating utopia. But as a new city, it
lacks many resources common to ground-based
urban areas. It’s up to the high-flying engineers to
create these vital buildings. In the end, one will be
hailed as the most honored city-builder of them
In Airship City, players take on the role of
engineers crafting new airships to add to the city’s
infrastructure. They will travel around the tiled
grid, collecting resources in order to build the
ships back in their warehouse. Once completed,
they can be sold for money, which is then used to
upgrade their workshops, or donated to the city
which create goodwill with the citizens. The
engineer with the most victory points at the end
of the game is the winner.

1 Rulebook
4 Player boards,
2 Game boards
1 First Player marker
16 Player markers
80 Contribution markers
4 VP markers
4 20/40 VP markers
16 Resource
management markers
16 Action tiles
20 Contract tiles
16 Renovation tiles
12 Bonus action tiles
7 Stage bonus tiles
1 Round marker
6 Price markers

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There are currently no product reviews.

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