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A la carte 
A la carte  Heidelberger Spieleverlag

Delivery time approx. 10-12 days.
35,90 €(incl. VAT., plus shipping)Details 
A la carte (engl.) 
A la carte (engl.)  Heidelberger Spieleverlag

As everyone knows, too many cooks spoil the broth. In A la carte, players sizzle their own dish while trying to oversalt their wannabe-chef-rivals' ...

Delivery time approx. 10-12 days.
35,80 €(incl. VAT., plus shipping)Details 
20 years Milan Spiele 2002 - 2022
A la carte: Dessert (Erw.) (international) 
18,00 €(incl. VAT., plus shipping)Details 

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