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Expedition to Newdale (engl.)

Game titleExpedition to Newdale (engl.)
Item numberLOO147
Manufacturer Lookout SpieleLookout Spiele (2019)
Customer RatingStars 4 (1 Rating. Rate now!)
Important notes Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Risk of suffocation due to small parts.
Article StateNew and original packaging


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Rated by anonym, 03/22/2022

It's a nice variety on the legacy front. You journey from your hometown to Newdale in 8 games with adventures on the way. (haven't reached the end yet) Underway there's a story about why and what you need to do, but truthfully that's, sadly, very thin.

Basically it's a combination of worker-placement and engine-building with a bit of push-your-luck. On top of that some nice "first-to-get" bonusses. You have 2-4 workers and 7 rounds. 25 actions max. And way more to choose from, so it hurts every time. As it should in good games. In that, the true challenge is to get your engine going because "chaining" your production is heavily rewarded.

You get different goals each episode and as you travel you get new lands (there are 5 boards). All the while cards that have been added to the deck remain there in later episodes so there's a light growth of the deck. Missions get harder with every chapter and there are some changes in competitive ways. Nothing is permanent so you can always go back to the basic.

Fun part is that there are a lot of random setup options that give a change in the gameplay if you repeatedly play the same scenario's. Unfortunately, that's also why setup isn't done in 3 minutes.

The games lasts around an hour and a half and there are many options to choose from and a good deal of calculating is possible (but you always forget something) so you might not want to play this with the "think-every-thing-through" kind of friends because then it can go way past two hours.

It's pretty easy to play, and pretty hard to master. When you play, make sure you plan 8 evenings ahead. It's worth it.

The theme is kind of forced on the game and the continuing storyline is meagre at best, and for a legacy that's quite disappointing, but it really is a very good game with very good mechanics, so... they are forgiven.

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