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Matagot Editions was founded in 2005 by Hicham Ayoub Bedran with the publication of the role-playing games Cendres and Te Deum for a Massacre, before embarking on the creation of board games. Soon after Hicham was joined by Arnaud Charpentier. The two partners have very different proficiencies. Hicham originally came from the world of publishing and had already taken on the role of editor, focusing on editorial content, developing and manufacturing. Arnaud, meanwhile, was trained in management and finance. Both shared a passion for gaming.

Cyclades: Titans (Erw.) (engl.) 
Cyclades: Titans (Erw.) (engl.)  Matagot

Kronos, the Titans’ father just barged in the Cyclades archipelago. Helped by his faithful sons, immerge yourself in the conquest of the largest islands, ...

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Dice Town (engl.) 
Dice Town (engl.)  Matagot

Willkommen in Dice Town, Stadt des Glücks und des Reichtums. Wir bewunder Mutige und lieben Gewinner - besonders, wenn sie bereit sind alles auf einen ...

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Dice Town: Wild West (Exp.) (engl.) 
Dice Town: Wild West (Exp.) (engl.)  Matagot

You think you know everything there is to know about the city of Dice Town? Discover its seedy underbelly: pan for gold in the river, buy new merchandise ...

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Dragons (engl.) 
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Dungeon Academy (engl.) 
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Easter Quest (engl.) 
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