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Matagot Editions was founded in 2005 by Hicham Ayoub Bedran with the publication of the role-playing games Cendres and Te Deum for a Massacre, before embarking on the creation of board games. Soon after Hicham was joined by Arnaud Charpentier. The two partners have very different proficiencies. Hicham originally came from the world of publishing and had already taken on the role of editor, focusing on editorial content, developing and manufacturing. Arnaud, meanwhile, was trained in management and finance. Both shared a passion for gaming.

Monster Soup (engl.) 
Monster Soup (engl.)  Matagot

Monsters are always hungry and never go far from a bag full of provisions, in order to be able to prepare a delicious soupin only instants. But that’s if ...

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Murano: Light Masters (engl.) 
Murano: Light Masters (engl.)  Matagot

In 1291, all the glassmakers of the Venice county moved to Murano, making the island famous! Embody one of these famous glassblowers. Collect coloured ...

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Race for the Galaxy
Napoleon Saga Waterloo (engl.) 
Napoleon Saga Waterloo (engl.)  Matagot

Napoleon Saga: Waterloo, is a strategic game for 2 players that will let them play the 1815 Belgium campaign battles opposing the French army to the ...

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Okanagan (engl.) 
Okanagan (engl.)  Matagot

Das Tal von Okanagan, mit seinen riesigen Seen und saftigen Wiesen erwartet jeden, der Willens ist es zu nutzen! Forme das Land und vergrößere deinen ...

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Origin (international) 
Origin (international)  Matagot

In Origin erlebt ihr das Abenteuer des Ursprungs der Menschheit: Beginnt im Herzen Afrikas und erforscht den gesamten Planeten, erweitert euer Wissen ...

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Paris: New Eden (engl.) 
Paris: New Eden (engl.)  Matagot

The dazzling boulevards and historical monuments of Paris have been enveloped by lush vegetation. The once bustling city hub has been hushed to stillness ...

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Peter Pan (engl.) 
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Rapa Nui (engl.) 
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Raptor (engl.) 
Raptor (engl.)  Matagot

Present day, on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean. "The expedition is about to land on the shore. The scouts we’ve sent came back wounded, ...

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