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Academy Games

Academy Games

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! (2. Edition) (engl.) 
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! (2. …  Academy Games

The year is 1941. Germany has defeated Poland, Denmark, Norway, and France with ease. In the morning hours of June 22 over 3 million German soldiers ...

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Fief: France (engl.) 
Fief: France (engl.)  Academy Games

France 1429 is a game of dynastic ambition, where players assume the roles of nobles in the 15th century Kingdom of France. Each player strives to become ...

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Mare Nostrum - Empires (engl.) 
Mare Nostrum - Empires (engl.)  Academy Games

The ancient Romans called the Mediterranean Sea "mare nostrum", which is Latin for "our sea". Mare Nostrum is an empire-building game in which 3-5 ...

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Tudor (engl.) 
Tudor (engl.)  Academy Games

Welcome lords and ladies to Tudor, a worker-placement Eurogame for 2-4 players from Academy Games and Corax Games! Your family has risen in stature to ...

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