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About us

We have been enthusiastic players in board and card games of all kinds for years and have already gained experience with various role-playing games. The private game collection currently comprises over 500 games and is of course growing continuously.

In January 2002 we started selling selected games with a small mail order company at this address. We started with games from publishers such as Kosmos, Hans im Glück and Doris & Frank. Many of our personal favorite games have been published by these publishers. In the beginning, our offer only comprised just under a hundred games. We now offer almost 5000 different games from over 500 publishers on our website. And more interesting games are being added all the time.

We always try to be able to offer all interesting and current novelties promptly. After all, well over 1000 new products appear every year. Of course, we also offer many games at reduced prices, so that you can always find one or the other bargain on our website.

Have fun browsing through our offer. You are sure to find a lot of interesting games.

Your Milan Spiele Team

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