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Questions and Answers

Here you will find answers to the most important questions sorted by subject area. If your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Which payment methods are available to me?

You have the choice between the payment methods PayPal, prepayment by bank transfer and instant transfer.

Can I also pay on account?

We reserve the right to pay on account only to our regular customers who have already ordered from us several times.

Please contact us if you would like to order on behalf of an authority (school, kindergarten, church, etc.) and can only order on invoice.

Can I also pay by credit card or direct debit?

We generally do not offer payment by credit card or direct debit, as these payment methods cause increased costs that we would then have to pass on to all of our customers.

Payment by credit card is only possible indirectly via PayPal.

My order contains items that are out of stock. Do I still have to pay immediately?

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, payment is not required until all of the items you have ordered are in stock. You will then receive another email.


Will an order be split into several deliveries?

Basically there is no division. an order will only be sent when all the items ordered are in stock. If multiple deliveries are required, additional shipping costs apply.

Who is shipping with?

Since we have had the best experience with DHL in terms of delivery and service, we only send DHL and Deutsche Post.

Is delivery to packing stations or post offices possible?

Since shipping is done with DHL, delivery to a packing station is also possible. Please ensure that you enter your full address (post number and parcel station number).

How do I find out if my package has been sent?

You will automatically receive a shipping confirmation by email. With this mail you also have the possibility to dispose of your package.

When the parcel carrier wants to hand over a shipment for me, I notice damage. What should I do?

Please point out the damage immediately and ask for written confirmation when you receive the package. You can also ask the deliverer to open the shipment with you to see whether the contents are undamaged. If this is not possible, you can refuse to accept the shipment.

I have received a shipment, but there is no invoice in the box.

You will receive your invoice together with your shipping confirmation. You can also find your invoice on our website in your account area.

Can I expand my order to save shipping costs?

Of course, you can expand your order if it has not yet been dispatched. Please place a new order and note in the comment field that your order should be added to another order. Alternatively, you can also send us a mail .

I would like to change, completely or partially cancel my order. What should I do?

Please send us a mail .

On-site shopping

Can I also buy games directly in the store?

Yes, that is possible. Please place your order through our website anyway. We will inform you as soon as your order is completely in stock and ready for collection.

When is collection possible?

You can find our current opening times for the next two weeks here .

Can I stop by the store spontaneously to do some shopping?

That is possible. However, we only exhibited a fraction of our inventory in our showroom. It is possible that an item on display has already been reserved for another customer.

How can I pay in store?

You can pay in cash, by debit or credit card. Apple Pay is also possible.


Are ordered items automatically reserved for me?

Yes, all items in stock are automatically reserved.

How long have Milan Spiele been around?

We started in January 2002. Since then we have grown steadily and our range has been continuously expanded. Further information can be found here .

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