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Milan Spiele Affiliate Program

Do you have a website and want to earn money with it?

With our partner programs at Awin is a very easy way to earn money based on success.

Awin is a global affiliate marketing network that belongs to Axel Springer and United Internet.

After your free registration, you will receive all the HTML codes you need to integrate links, banners, individual articles and search forms into your pages. The rest then goes by itself. You have access to your account at any time: There you can call up statistics on the activities of the customers you have referred and your earnings!

Advertising material: banners and text links

The reduced banners are examples of how easy it is to earn money with our affiliate program. Of course, you can also use simple text links. If you offer a banner or link on your website and a visitor clicks on it, you earn 5% commission on the value of the goods on all purchases that this visitor makes with us in the next 30 days. This even works if the customer comes to us directly the next time and no longer via your link or banner.

Our search form on your website

Another way of directing visitors from your site to us and thus earning commissions is with the Milan games game search banners. Choose between two different sizes. The search banners can be integrated into any website. The search results are displayed directly on www.milan-spiele.de. Your commission for each subsequent purchase within 30 days: 5% on the value of the goods!

Your advantages:

  • For every order that a customer places that comes to us via your website, we pay 5% of the net sales.
  • Every purchase made by the customer is billed within 30 days of the first visit, even if the customer then goes directly to the Milan-Spiele website.
  • Participation is completely free and risk-free.
  • From a payment of EUR 25, - your credit will be automatically paid out by bank transfer.
  • You have password-protected access to your user data and statistics at all times.
  • You are free to choose how you direct your visitors to Milan games: through text links or banners, a link in your e-mails, links directly to our individual items with a picture and price, or our game search ... or all at once!

How does that work? Very simple:

  • Click on one of the following links to register for the Milan Games Affiliate Program: Awin .
  • Then fill out the registration form.
  • By the way: if you are already an affilinet partner, you can use the express registration.
  • After confirming your participation in the Milan games partner program, you will receive access to our advertising material.
  • You simply integrate our advertising material on your website and off you go.
We piqued your curiosity?
Register at Awin .

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