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Milan Christmas calendar

19. December
5. December
12. December
21. December
16. December
4. December
18. December
3. December
9. December
10. December
22. December
6. December
24. December
14. December
20. December
7. December
17. December
23. December
11. December
13. December
2. December
1. December
15. December
8. December
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There are special offers in our Christmas calendar:
There is a special offer every day during the Christmas season. The individual offers are only valid as long as the limited supply lasts. After that, the regular price applies again.

May I collect orders from the Christmas calendar?
Yes, that`s possible. Please order the game in the same way as you would do it normally and choose the shipping option "Merge orders". It is possible to order and collect any items in December. We summarize your orders. The shipping costs will be calculated by us at the beginning of January at the latest. Alternatively, we will calculate the shipping costs as soon as you inform us by email that you would like to complete your order. After that your order will then be sent.

Can I choose different payment methods?
No, please use the same payment method for all bulk orders. This makes the work much easier for us to summarize.

Another important note:
The reservation of an offer only takes place when an order is completed. If you only collect the articles in the shopping cart for several days without completing the order, the articles may no longer be available at the offer price.

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