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Cranio Creations

Cranio Creations

Founded back in 2009 by a group of young, skilled and enthusiastic gamers and artists, Cranio Creations quickly evolved in one of the most well-known board game publishers in Italy.

We offer games suitable for every occasion or gaming group, focusing our production on ingenious and innovative mechanics along with a gorgeous graphical design.

Most of our games are entirely designed and developed by our creative team, and distribuited around the world thank to the collaboration with our international partners.

Anunnaki (engl.) 
Anunnaki (engl.)  Cranio Creations

Anunnaki: Dawn of the Gods is a 4X eurogame by Danilo Sabia and Simone Luciani, set in an ancient dystopian past, wheremythology and science-fiction come ...

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Anunnaki - Götterdämmerung (deutsch) 
Anunnaki - Götterdämmerung (deutsch)  Cranio Creations

Im 4X-Eurogame Anunnaki: Götterdämmerung schlüpfen die Spieler in die Rolle von Göttern verschiedenster Mythologien. Durch das Bauen von Siedlungen, ...

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