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Cranio Creations

Cranio Creations

Founded back in 2009 by a group of young, skilled and enthusiastic gamers and artists, Cranio Creations quickly evolved in one of the most well-known board game publishers in Italy.

We offer games suitable for every occasion or gaming group, focusing our production on ingenious and innovative mechanics along with a gorgeous graphical design.

Most of our games are entirely designed and developed by our creative team, and distribuited around the world thank to the collaboration with our international partners.

A Tale of Pirates (engl.) 
A Tale of Pirates (engl.)  Cranio Creations

A pirates crew with a common destiny. A ship ready to face amazing adventures. An awesome 3D ship and four colored sandtimers. These are just some of the ...

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Barrage (engl.) 
  59,90 € 57,00 €(incl. VAT., plus shipping)Details 
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Barrage 5TH Player (Exp.) (engl.) 
  25,70 € 22,90 €(incl. VAT., plus shipping)Details 
Barrage Executive Officer A (Exp.) (engl.) 
7,70 €(incl. VAT., plus shipping)Details 
Barrage Executive Officer B (Exp.) (engl.) 
7,70 €(incl. VAT., plus shipping)Details 
Barrage Extra Machinery  (Exp.) (engl.) 
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Eriantys (engl.) 
Eriantys (engl.)  Cranio Creations

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35,90 €(incl. VAT., plus shipping)Details 
Golem (deutsch) 
Golem (deutsch)  Cranio Creations

Golem ist ein Euro-Game-Schwergewicht und basiert auf der Legende des Prager Golem aus dem 16. Jahrhundert. Der Golem ist eine menschenähnliche Kreatur, ...

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58,90 €(incl. VAT., plus shipping)Details 
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