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Quined Games

Quined Games

Quined Games was founded in 2005. The company has published a great number of games in the past. There are three series of games: the Master Print series with games like Carson City, KeyFlower, Trajan etc), the pocket series with games like Counterfeiters and Carson City the Card Game and the mini series with games like Sprawlopolis. We pay much attention to the quality of the game and the artwork.

Agra: Promokarte (Erw.) 
Agra: Promokarte (Erw.)  Quined Games

The Ambabari Elephant is an Agra promo card. The traditional Indian style of dressing these elephants was widely used to decorate the elephants of the ...

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Descent: Legenden der Finsternis - Der Krieg des Verräters
Carnegie (deutsch/engl.) 
Carnegie (deutsch/engl.)  Quined Games

Andrew Carnegie war einer der bedeutendsten Akteure in der US-Stahlindustrie. Er war nicht nur einer der reichsten Männer der Welt, er war auch ein ...

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Carson City - The Card Game (international) 
Carson City - The Card Game (international)  Quined Games

In Carson City ? The Card Game, each player is in charge of the development of a city. You and your opponents try to choose the most lucrative parcels of ...

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Carson City: Horses & Heroes (international) 
Carson City: Horses & Heroes (international)  Quined Games

Carson City Horses & Heroes designed by Xavier Georges, will add some extra possible actions to Carson City. In this expansion, you can visit the rodeo to ...

Currently not available, pre-order possible.
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Carson City: Rechtsanwalt/Der Herausgeber (Mini-Erw.) (deutsch/engl.) 
Carson City: Rechtsanwalt/Der Herausgeber …  Quined Games

This surprise personality Lawyer / Editor card was made especially for our 10th anniversary and was first published in the Carson City: Big Box Kickstarter ...

Currently not available, pre-order possible.
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