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Delicious Games

Delicious Games

Delicious Games is a project that was founded for the purpose of producing of the newest boardgame designed by Vladimir Suchy – Underwater Cities. Delicious Games is a small czech family project. Due to big success of our first title, we continue in publishing other Vladimir’s games.

Messina 1347 (deutsch) 
Messina 1347 (deutsch)  Delicious Games

Im Jahre 1347 erreichten von der Krim-Halbinsel kommende Handelsschiffe Sizilien und legten am uralten Hafen von Messina an. Die Schiffe waren voller ...

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Messina 1347 (engl.) 
Messina 1347 (engl.)  Delicious Games

In 1347, merchart gales rem ille Crinteur. Peninsula arrived in Sicily and docked at the ancient port of Messina. The galleys had rats. The rats had fleas. ...

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Praga Caput Regni (deutsch) 
Praga Caput Regni (deutsch)  Delicious Games

Das neue Spiel von Vladimír Suchý.
Karl IV. wurde zum König von Böhmen und zum Herrscher des Heiligen Römischen Reiches gekrönt. Von seiner Burg in Prag aus beaufsichtigt er den Bau ...

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Praga Caput Regni (engl.) 
Praga Caput Regni (engl.)  Delicious Games

Charles IV has been crowned King of Bohemia and ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. From his castle in Prague, he oversees construction of new fortifications, ...

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Underwater Cities (engl.) 
Underwater Cities (engl.)  Delicious Games

The new game from Vladimir Suchy is called Underwater Cities is for 1 to 4 players, for the age 12+ and it takes 30 - 40 min/1 player. During the game ...

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Underwater Cities: New Discoveries (Exp.) (engl.) 
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